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Please note that the services and prices reflected on this
web page are only for Tanya at Millennium Salon.

Hair CuttingPerms &
Hair Straightening
ColorConditioning Treatments
Corrective ColorStyling & Bridal
NailsGlamour, Prom, Evening

Hair Cutting

Hair Cutting Price
Men & Women
Includes; Shampoo, Conditioner and Style.
$45 to $95
Children: (up to 13 years old)$30 to $60
Bang trim or neckline$7 to $12
Beard trim$15 to $25
Goatee$10 to $15
Moustache, Ears or Eyebrow trim Complimentary
Texturizing$15 to $35
Thinning$15 to $35

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Conditioning Treatments

Conditioning Price
Moisturizing Protein Treatment with scalp massage$25 and up
Reconstructive Treatment with scalp massage$30 and up
Scalp Therapy with scalp massage$35 and up

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Color & Corrective Color

Color Price
Clear Gloss$40 and up
Demi Gloss$50 and up
Permanent (full)$70 and up
Permanent Color touch-up$45 and up
Hi-Lite Weaving (full)$95 and up
Hi-Lite (surface)$65 and up
Hi-Lite with Cap (full)$80 and up
Hi-Lite with Cap (surface)$45 and up
Special Effects (Hi/Low Lite, Shadows)*Per Hour, please call the salon for a consultation and quote.
Corrective Color*$80 Per Hour, please call the salon for a consultation.

* Consultation Recommended.

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Perms & Hair Straightening

Perms Price
Partial or Sectional$65 and up
Standard or Directional*$90 and up
Spiral or Long Hair*$130 and up
Relaxer$100 and up
Relaxer touch-up*$70 and up
Reverse Perm$90 and up
Hair StraighteningPrice
CHI Hair Straightening System*
Please call salon for more details.
$100 per hour

* Consultation Recommended.

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Styling and Bridal

Styling Price
Shampoo, Blowdry & Style$35 and up
Flat Iron$10 to $50
Shampoo, Roller Set & Comb out$30 and up
Glamour Hair$75 and up

Bridal with Veil placement
(In Salon)
$85 and up
Bridal with Veil placement
(On Location)
We offer on location bridal services.
Please call the salon for details.

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Nails & Pedicures

Millennium Salon is referring clients to Janice's Nail Spa in Fremont for all nail services.
Please call Janice at 510-517-6245 to scheduel an appointment for nail services.
Janice's Nail Spa located at 43364 Bryant St. Fremont, CA. 94539
Ph: 510-517-6245

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Facial Waxing Price
Full Eyebrow Arch$10 to $20
Center Brow only$5 to $10
Lip or Chin$10 to $20
Ears (both)$10 to $20
Nose$10 to $20
Full Face$50 to $70
Neckline or Hairline$15 to $30
Body WaxingPrice
Fingers (both hands)$10 to $20
Toes (both feet)$10 to $20
Underarms (both arms)$20 to $30
Half Arms (elbow to wrist / both arms)$30 to $50
Full Arms (shoulder to wrist / both arms)$50 to $80
Back (shoulders to waist)$80 to $90
Chest (shoulders to waist)$80 to $90
Half Leg (from the top of the knee down / both legs)$45 to $65
Full Leg (both legs)$65 to $85

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Please note that all prices stated above are subject to change and may vary according to time, hair type, hair length, hair texture and stylist experience. Styling Service prices may vary according to quantity of hair accessories being applied. (ex. hair pieces, gems, ribbons, etc.)
A consultation is always recommended before any service is performed.

If you would like to schedule an appointment
with Tanya please call the salon at

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